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    Looking to find some of the foam 'rope' caulking backing. Tried Thai Watsadu but they do not seem to carry it. Anyone see this in their travels in the home depot stores in Surin? Comes in different diameters and is great to seal up a long wide crack before caulking with whatever caulk type one uses.


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    Available from Lazada - but expensive.


    I think I would consider alternative materials such as silicon sealant available from HomePro:

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    Or, 2 more ideas.

    1. Use a sand and cement mortar. Very good and cheap for most wall cracks.

    2. Use spray foam (also from HomePro)

  4. Cent


    Looks like Home Pro down in Lat Krabang has it. Hopefully here in Surin Home Pro has it, or can order up. Reason for using this rather than other options is it is simple to use, not messy, easy and quick to install, expands as the space it is in moves or increases. Jam it in, cut for length, and the use a silicone caulk over it to finish off. Waterproof, For use by the swimming pool. Wall and raised patio are separated by a crack larger than I would want to caulk or even cement as it would be a pain in my back to do. This stuff, a bit expensive, but not radically so, is excellent as for its 'ease of use'.
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    Try Homepro online shopping Mike. They will deliver.
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    Thanks, Wombat.
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