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Rod Brewer a friend dropped by yesterday and and we got caught up on a lot of things. https://surinfarang.com/forum/threads/surin-immigration-kap-chong.31834/page-4 He went to HOLY GRAIL of SURIN CITY and the Captain Bitch wanted 10000 bath. He said FORK U and came back to SURIN IMMIGRATION in Kap Choeng and got it for 5000 bath. The female Captain said come back tomorrow and it will be in the office. He also paid for a re entry permit. He is leaving tomorrow for ROO LAND tomorrow and for about 6 weeks and will check in with me when he gets back. I told him to join this forum. He also told me the Ryan's Resort was doing a brisk business he went there this past Sunday
Could he not meet the financial requirements?

The extension is ฿1,900.00 and if I remember correctly, a multiple re-entry is ฿3,800.00 = ฿5,700.00 or ฿1,000.00 for a single. Neither add up to ฿5,000.00.