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    I'm in the mind of doing one off weekly specials at the Starbeam Restaurant in the very near future. Never the same thing twice, but willing to add one or two to the menu if we get a good response from our customers. I've been saving recipes for years now of things I know we could do fairly easily that, in my opinion, would go over well with many people I believe. I would give a week's heads up for the special of the day on the FB page for the restaurant. The usual 'special' would be enough for 8 to 10 plates of the special, first come first served, until it is gone, 'while it lasts'. I think I would do this on Fridays for those looking for something different. I'll know what works by the response.

    This will be my retirement 'hobby' to keep my hand in and using my very good large kitchen here in my Thep Thani place, 2 stoves, 6 burners, 2 crock pots, and all the equipment I need that I have bought over the past couple of years since 'retiring' from active duty in the shop. I basically these days just do the computer ads for the shop every few days. It'll help the restaurant I think, maybe give some an enjoyable dish they can't get elsewhere, and something to look forward to for those wanting something like this. I'd probably do it starting at noon on a Friday each week until the food is gone (hopefully) by that evening's closing time. Like I said 8 or 10 servings and once gone it's done.

    Wondering what you all think of the idea.

    It would be dishes I feel would go over well with Thais as well as westerners and use ingredients fairly easy for me to obtain here. Many of our Thai customers enjoy our western offerings and are keen for new things to try. We will see. :)
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    I think it is a great idea.

    My wife and I have a couple of friends in my village who churn out simple Thai food every day. I have often suggested that every day or perhaps once/twice a week they should have a special pot of something not normally on the menu (ie sweet/sour or perhaps a penang curry) which I believe would increase custom. Whether it would or not I don't know, since neither ever adopted my suggestion.. Thais do not like to be told anything..... they know best!
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    I am sure that's a good idea, one that I hope will work.
    Personally I like to try changes even when when a restaurant has a tried and trusted permanent menu.
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    Baan Peet, probably the best restaurant in Prakhonchai, has a large menu, but on each occasion I have been, there is a chalkboard on display with a few additional different items, sometimes seasonal . My wife and I always look there first hoping to find something different and out of the ordinary, and we are usually pleasantly surprised.
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    Great idea.

    I visit Starbeam frequently. And find something new on the menu once in a wild would be nice.
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    Even I haven't had everything available on our extensive menu. I try to have something not my usual fare every once in a while. I do have certain favorites tried and true myself that I am particular to, but yeah, something new now and then as well. Just to be sure I am not missing out on something I'd like that I just have never tried yet. :)

    Hell, they have so many Thai dishes they can do that sometimes I forget if I've had one or not and enjoyed it. My wife has to remind me now and then which Thai dishes I liked and haven't had in a while. We do have a lot of choices. 5555555
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    We had daily specials. Usually one western dish and one Thai dish. They usually ran for a week because I was too lazy to change them....... Jimmy’s in Buriram also advertises specials...they don’t often vary too much.

    I like Ban Peet’s blackboard choices......especially when they remember to remove those items that have sold out ;)
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