What time does your Sunday roast commence ?

Discussion in 'Ryans Resort' started by Coffee, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Coffee

    Coffee Guest

    To help celebrate the new moon , what time will Sunday Roast dinner commence next Sunday 9 June ?
    Would NZ lamb be in the offering ?
    Do I require making a reservation in advance?
  2. gotlost

    gotlost Surin Legend

    At Ryans same time as always, 2 pm but I'll be there around 1 pm. U can buy me a beer or two or three.Chokdee5

    PS. Lamb, Pork or Beef,no reservation required.
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  3. Croc

    Croc Surin Legend

    Mine around 13.00 every second week, but it is a private occasion ... sorry ..
  4. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    I've always considered 2pm to be too late for lunch!
  5. gotlost

    gotlost Surin Legend

    Not I. Diner at 8 pm.
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