2,000 baht for electric???

Discussion in 'Hotels in Surin' started by Hendrix, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Hendrix

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    First, I won't say the name of the place until things have been resolved but I just spent a month at a lousy place and the girl there has jacked up the rates on everything.

    I moved in with NO contract. I paid 3,500 for the month along with a 3,000 "furniture" deposit.

    It's only been me in the room for the entire month...and I worked during the day's, all day. I put the aircon at night for a few hours and ran the fan. The place had a fridge as well.

    Anyway, she hands me a bill and says the electric is just over 2,000 baht and 300 baht for water, which I've been going out of my way to conserve by taking bucket showers and only flushing two or three times a day.

    Needless to say I'm VERY upset.

    I've already moved out and I plan on trying to get as much of my deposit back as possible. I know it's a long-shot being Thailand and everything. I also know I didn't sign a contract and have NO IDEA what the meter read before I moved in. They charge 8 baht per kwh.

    What do you think?

    Someone told me I should tell the owner I will haunt the place if they don't square with me...lol
  2. Stone

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    That is very cheap for a months stay and maybe thats their (covert) way to get back the normal 6000b fee per month?

    Good luck in your quest and I am sorry to say, I very much doubt you will win. Maybe worth telling him you will place a post on the local farang forum stating the name of the Hotel, and see what he says?

    At that price, it wouldn't be too hard guessing where you stayed.
  3. paddyk

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    Excuse me but I see NO reason whatsoever for not pointing out this clip joint. Is it owned by a Farang and you don't want to hurt his business?? Bollocks, if you got the shaft and most likely you did if this was Thai owned and operated then identify the place. The name guessing game is for children, Farangs either here in Surin who might need a place to stay or those Farangs who visit the area should be made aware of a place that tries to screw them over.
  4. Hendrix

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    My main reason for not posting the name was because I wasn't sure if it was against the forum rules.

    The name of the place is POONSIN MANSION.

    And the girl that handles the papers and money for the place speaks very very good English.

    I think if I play my cards right, I will get some of my money back.

    2,000 baht is WAY TOO HIGH for electric in a extremely small room in which I was staying. Up near BKK I ran the thing 24.7 during the floods and never paid over 1,200 baht.

    I know she is ripping me off.

    She doesn't wanna see me when I'm angry. I turn green and end up running through rice paddy's all naked and stuff.
  5. johnb

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    I turn green and end up running through rice paddy's all naked and stuff.[/QUOTE]

    That happened to me, Hendrix, the one and only time I tried laokhao.
  6. Moving in with no contract,not very wise,my guess is you wont get 1 baht back and that includes your deposit.
  7. nomad97

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    Yes Hendrix, you have been well and truly shafted. I live in a 110 sq mtr house, 2 large 18,000 BTU aircons, 1 x 9,000 BTU aircon, refridgerator, washing machine, flat screen TV, 2 x water pumps, hot water shower, 10 external lights etc, etc, on a 100 talang wah plot. We are a family of 4 and the house is usually occupied 24 hours per day and the 2 bedroom aircons run at least 10 hours each night with living room aircon on much of the day and evening. My standard electric bill during the hot season is some 3,500 to 4000 baht per month. I water the garden most days when it does not rain, use the washing machine 3 or 4 times a week, wash the car at least once each week, and the water bill is usually about 250 to 275 baht per month. Learn by your mistakes, check prices and meter reading before you move in. Now its time to move on - chance of a refund around these parts - very slim. Not worth the aggravation and subsequent elevated blood pressure to try and recoup such a small amount.
  8. Bear

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    This is very similar to my experience and have 5 people living in the house and it is virtually occupied all day, every day. Have three air-conditioners, two large refrigerators, 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom with 2 hot water showers etc. etc.

    My elec is closer to 5,000 in hot season and water between 300-400 with two teenage children showering more than once daily.

    You did get ripped off. One thing though, we pay electric and water directly to the respective utility companies and don't have the almost double surcharges you had to pay to the landlords.
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  9. marlino

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    2000 baht for electrics

    agree, I pay for a 3 bdroom house on a 116tw, occupied by 4 persons, 1500-2000 for electricity and just under 300 for water during the dry season when I water the garden daily. 3500 might be cheap, but then I think the "white elefant" isn't much more expensive and friends who stayed there recently for a few weeks were very happy. when I came to Surin I stayed at the Majestic Appartments until the house was finished and got robbed after 3 weeks. Obviously an insider job. Not a winner either, maybe a list of good places to stay would be helpful to newcomers.....
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