Bonfire Night

Discussion in 'Ryans Resort' started by Ryans Resort, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. CO-CO

    CO-CO Surin Legend

    Some of them look bigger than their male counterparts !!
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  2. SurinJoe

    SurinJoe Surin Legend

    Like most of the western females. That's why we are here.
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  3. adam

    adam Surin Legend

    USA, late for the first two World was, making darn sure they are not late for the next one.
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  4. Yeah? Its not in the Uk either.

    According to the BBC, its not even in the top 10.
  5. A bit like Basketball and Baseball are school girl sports in the UK mate, thats right, not just female sports but school girl sports LOL!

    Long before macho American males started playing it, our young girls used to call it Netball and rounders. Hahahaha!
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  6. SurinJoe

    SurinJoe Surin Legend

    Net ball? Rounders? Soccer? Other girls sports. Don't know? I would hate to see a soccer player come up against a NFL player.
  7. SurinJoe

    SurinJoe Surin Legend

    Double post
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  8. SurinJoe

    SurinJoe Surin Legend

  9. adam

    adam Surin Legend

    Careful Lukey, or it will get back to the US government of the oil under your house and they will come and liberate your neighbors from your vile dictatorship, with your weapons of mass destruction hidden under your bed.

    What do you mean, there are no weapons of mass destruction??!!!
  10. Theres a weapon of ass destruction in my bed Adam. And agents of the US gov are welcome over if they think they can make it pass my misses haha
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  11. SurinJoe

    SurinJoe Surin Legend

    Keep dreaming Alice, You'll reach wonderland.
  12. SurinJoe

    SurinJoe Surin Legend

    Laying off of the English beans for breakfast might help.
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  13. Whats this? A bloody Arnie quote? You had an entire night to flatten us with some quality material, and thats the best you could come up with?

    Perhaps i should put on a Deniro accent in my head when i recite it?........

    Fukc sake hahaha.
  14. SurinJoe

    SurinJoe Surin Legend

    Just trying to get in to the "English Banter", I guess as an American
    I failed. No need to get an attitude.
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  15. Only joking mate, no attitude, relax.
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  16. SurinJoe

    SurinJoe Surin Legend

    Where have you been FB? Haven't seen you around in quite a while? Come out and have a few beers with us sorry locals when you have a chance.
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  17. Coffee

    Coffee Guest

    Joe , I am surprised at you !

    Under the darkness of night you decided to take on the whole of the Forum's 'greatest civilization' sailing solo - without me !
    (I'd rather not offer my well-deserved kudos to you in public ;-)
    So stated , "I'm very surprised at you, Joe ! Shame...just as we have been at peace with our brothers in arms on this Forum for some time."

    Stop smoking that shyte from those bad labs around the soi - it absolutely makes me horrid to see you become so disagreeable and aggressive MonkeyFight

    If one would really warrant picking up the banter towards those brothers across the pond , one would just have to politely say with a proper accent ,
    "Mein Gott ! Ewig - usque ad finem, nicht wahr ?" ThumbUp6

    Enjoy a wonderful day filled with peace , boyz.
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  18. Ryans Resort

    Ryans Resort Forum Sponsor

    Happy to see the fireworks have started not even bonfire night yet. lol
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  19. adam

    adam Surin Legend

    Oh gawsh we's just playin!
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