CHRISTMAS IN SIEM REAP 24/27 DECEMBER 2013 From 4,600 Baht per person

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    We now only have two rooms available for the Christmas trip to Siem Reap.

    Details are attached.

    A number of guests have also requested a 'traditional' Christmas Day roast turkey dinner. For those who are interested we propose booking the $48 per person special at the Abacus restaurant. Last year's menu is attached.

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  2. CO-CO

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  3. Isaan Angkor Tours

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    Make that ONE room remaining.

    It will be good to have Mario299 along.
  4. Bear

    Bear Surin Legend

    Should be a great trip.
    I know Mam and I are looking forward to it, as are Cent and his wife Van.
    We will all be ready to dig into the turkey and enjoy Christmas dinner with many friends..
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  5. ColinW

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    If the food at Abacus is as good as it sounds it should be a Christmas Dinner to savour.
    Could you add Wood and I to the list of those attending
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  6. CO-CO

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    Colin - I think you were already at the top of the list :eek:

    It is not cheap and it is difficult if you have a young Thai family - but it has the makings of a good 'group' night out.
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  7. Little India

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    The whole trip looks amazing with great people going, hopefully next year I will escape from my kitchen so I can join in the fun ThumbUp6
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  9. AussieBill

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    Sounds like a great tour.

    Siem Reap means (in Khymer language) "Siam Defeated", referring to the sacking of Ayutthaya in the 17th Century.
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