Fantasy Restaurant & Bar/Pub


OK, got some info on the new place that took over Norby's place. The name of the place is Fantasy Restaurant. The owner's name, difficult to pronounce so a pronounceable version I'm told he goes by is 'Arvie'.

The place is totally renovated. Nice bar and bartender, good staff, excellent seating and lighting, and with a lighted pool table. And I've been told the food is very good. The owner is a very nice and friendly man, as is his wife nice too.

A marvelous makeover on this place. They should do well. They've upped the mark with what they've done. They should be very competitive.

Waiting to see if they have a Facebook page or internet page. I'll post what I know as I know it. :)


It doesn't matter how many times the "cover page" is posted it's still out of focus or suffering from camera shake.

Yeah, some crappy pics there. They need a better photographer. Just opened though. I imagine patrons will add to the page as well. He should be taking pics of the food daily to start as it comes out of the kitchen. Wish I had known the other night he was doing Tacos. Would have liked to try those. :)


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There is a photo on the Facebook site of some customers, posted on January 6 and the second guy from the right in the black and white striped shirt looks a lot like the guy they caught in Pattaya who was involved in the death by falling of the bargirl.


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Fantasy is doing Tacos I hear. Supposedly on the menu daily I am told. Will have to try these out.

(You guys are weird. LOL Looks nothing like Dave.)


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Were the soft taco hot, warm or room temp ?

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