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Discussion in 'Hotels in Surin' started by Bear, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Bear

    Bear Surin Legend

    I was recently given the attached business card about a new hotel. I was told it was about 450-500 Thb. Has anyone tried this hotel and have a report on it? The website gives more details.

    Wild Orchid Hotel.jpg

    Wild Orchid Hotel Map.jpg
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  2. Cent


    This is what I get for their website. Has some pricing.

    And this in English:

    And here is some info I found with telephone number and e-mail at the bottom:

    The Orchid residence is superbly located in the heart of the central business district and within walking distance of the city

    offering easy access to the city and other breathtaking destinations.
    • Fully furnished residence with balcony
    • Air-conditioning

    • Bathroom with individual bathtub and water-heater
    Wireless High Speed Internet Service
    • Private telephone line with PABX system
    • Remote control color satellite television
    • Refrigerator
    • Magnetic key card access to the building
    • Close Circuit TV (CCTV) system monitoring of visitors
    24-hour operator / reception
    • 24-hour security guard
    Fire alarm system
    • Free secure parking for resident
    • Laundry service
    • Business Center

    The Orchid Residence
    Tel: 044-530101-3

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  3. Bear

    Bear Surin Legend

    Thanks, Mike. I just reviewed the website and used only and it came up in English and Thai. It also had directions and map in English. Prices 450-5550 per day or 4,500-5500 per month. Their website also offered another email
    Looks nice and website worth looking through
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  4. surinmike

    surinmike Well-Known Member

    Stayed there last July/2011.... New and full.. rooms clean and decent enough place to stay decent security in the parking lot and maids were good. no problems bringing the young lady in ... Safe enough but a bit of a shakey bike ride after the beverages. will stay there again if Majestic Twin has no decent rooms available, it would be a long stumble back to the room if one walked.
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  5. ColinW

    ColinW Surin Legend

    I also stayed there a couple of times in October/November and can confirm the rooms were very clean and the staff were friendly and helpful.
    Being over from the UK the beds felt a bit hard but I think that's normal for Thailand.
    I had trouble with tuk tuk drivers not knowing the place, I will definately stay there again but will make sure I have their card to show the taxi drivers.
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  6. paddyk

    paddyk Guest

    It's always nice to have a new place to go when the wife and I have a dust up. I will have to take a test run from the Pubs in the bus turnaround to this place on my motorbike or if it's close enough I can simply walk there. For sure, I have to get a business card also as I know there might be a time when riding or walking is out of the question. God, I love Surin, makes life so much easier.
  7. surinmike

    surinmike Well-Known Member

    Currently residing at the Orchid Residence as they call it now and once again very impressed with the size and cleanliness of the room and for 450B a night feel its the best value in this price range. The girlfriend/new wife also likes it as they have a sink on the balcony and racks which to dry the laundry,a thoughtful touch.. big flat screen tv with the usual channels but also a larger than normal sized fridge ...good closet space and counter space and good security overall i will take this any time over the Majestic's offerings....Recommended 3*....10of10Score
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  8. charnvit

    charnvit Guest

    Thanks Mike! I'll have to check this one out. Something new!
  9. Matt

    Matt Guest

    Looks nice, although its a little bit away from the center of town. Looks much better than the Wild Orchid in Sydney..... Google it and you will see why.
  10. surinmike

    surinmike Well-Known Member

    AWWWWWWW YAA.........only 4 minutes by bike....even after a six pak..... and the majestic chain is in need of new bedding as in sheets.....
  11. Matt

    Matt Guest

    Any competition is good as it will progressively raise the standard of accommodation.
  12. alanthebuilder

    alanthebuilder Administrator

    maids were good ????
  13. surinmike

    surinmike Well-Known Member

    Don't know the "New Wife" won't let me out of her sight yet....
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  14. surinmike

    surinmike Well-Known Member

    Don't know the "New Wife" won't let me out of her sight yet....
  15. surinmike

    surinmike Well-Known Member

    Well so much for the" new wife"Cry3. be looking for number 4 ....come October....hope she likes this place cause I do....ei ei...ThumbUp6
  16. surinmike

    surinmike Well-Known Member

    Anyone know what they are asking for monthly rental as i plan to stay in Surin for a couple months come Mid-March..... and i like the place
  17. surinmike

    surinmike Well-Known Member

    well amazing the web site is really up to date..... got my info ....ThumbUp6
  18. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    Please advise whether the maids are still 100bt a time!
  19. SANGKA

    SANGKA Surin Legend

    So you stay there alot then paddy..Club_fight1:wink:
  20. paddyk

    paddyk Guest

    Nope, sorry to disappoint but the dust ups occur less and less as we both try to make these Thai-Farangs marriages work out. However,I have a newer place available that I will keep secret, out of the way, new, clean,private and individual units, nobody beside you or above you for only 500 baht a night. Hell, they even have a 250 Baht rate for two hours should you and your stray piece of fluff need a quiet place. A man's got to keep his options open, IMO.
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