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    The Ministry of Education proposed the cabinet to approve the postponement of the semester to 1 July and prepare for online teaching.

    Today (7 Apr 63) the reporter reported that From the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 infection Causing the Ministry of Education to consider postponing Semester 1/2020 to July 1, 2020 for students under the Office of Basic Education or OBEC from having to open in mid-May In May, applications for examinations for Prathom 1, Grade 1 and Grade 4 students are all over the country.

    Then in June Will have to arrange the exam location Before the term on July 1, which Mr. Natthaphon Thepsuwan, Minister of Education Will propose to the meeting Cabinet approves today And in order not to affect teaching and learning after having to postpone the semester for one and a half months, there may not be a term break in October.

    However, if the outbreak situation has not improved There will be online teaching and learning. Today, the Minister of Education Will present details of teaching and learning to the meeting The Cabinet acknowledges the same. Basically, it will be divided into 2 groups: lower one, grade 6, will teach one way, while groups 1 and above will teach in 2 ways depending on the equipment. Understanding of teachers

    Mr Natthaphon stated that the Prime Minister has emphasized adaptation and must make plans because education cannot wait. By giving an example in China, although the situation has improved but there is still no school opening Therefore must use technology to help with teaching

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    The cabinet can't even help the foreigners who can't leave. The cabinet would FCUK UP A CHINES FIRE DRILL.
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    Locked in with my 2 daughters for 4 months - aaaaahhhhh! This will cost me a pretty little baht or two in online school lessons. I just paid out 4,900 today for further online plans. Still, the good news is that it keeps them quiet and they enjoy putting in the effort.
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    Continuous online lessons and the wife may have to consider selling the new car to pay for it all:rolleyes:
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    I should be so lucky. She will sell the old Ford Ranger first, and I will be without a car.
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    You probably already do this with your daughters Nomad, but what a great opportunity to teach some things they wouldn't be getting in school...

    How to check the oil and fluid levels in automobiles.
    Checking air pressure in tires (sorry, tyres)
    Basic budgeting and financial planning
    Yard maintenance
    Etc., etc.

    Just some thoughts, and as I probably already do these things.
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    Nice one @Mario, thank you. You can add to the list; cookery classes, gardening, washing cars, washing clothes, ironing, mopping floors, vacuum cleaning, computer sciences and many other things they do not usually have time for during the school week. Yesterday, we had a teach-in of the dangers of backdoor technology in Huawei smartphones, computers and tablets, and the connection with the Chinese Government in its worldwide spying activities. That opened their eyes a little and they listened with interest too. It was part of a discussion on what would they like; a laptop or a tablet to complete their set. We also covered what operating system would they prefer - iOS, Android, or Win 10. They already have a smartphone and a PC each.
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    It is going to be a very long, tiring, and difficult school year without any breaks for the children and parents alike. Even more so for my two daughters. They both have watershed examinations to take for entry/progression to Prathom 1 and Prathom 4. That is for my youngest daughter and eldest daughter respectively. These are key examinations that will define their academic careers. At the moment, the Ministry of Education is lacking a plan on how to implement these key examinations.
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    How about for the teachers/lecturers!!!! OMG
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  14. Coffee

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    I understand they as Government employees are getting paid throughout the closure.

    Does that also apply to a non-citizen educational employee , (in this case - you) ?
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    Yes, it does. Same with our social security too (health insurance). I pay 750b per month. Money well spent, I believe.

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    Wow. You're the only expat teacher (non-Asian) I know in Surin (albeit Sisaket) getting paid the monthly salary...and you're over 60 ! :mask:
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    Everyone working for agencies will have about 3 to 4 months without a salary, if their contracts are renewed. Not a happy time, unfortunately. Are your friends lecturing in a Uni (We get paid LESS per month) ??????

    My social security was incorrectly cancelled (then reinstated) by the Uni about 2 years ago but after investigation, I found that there are different (SS) rules as to when this must stop if your a foreigner. My friend is still covered at 67, for instance.

    I see my friends agency have lost the contract in SSK and asking teachers to go to either Surin or Yasothon.

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  18. Prakhonchai Nick

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    Surely it would not be possible to devise any plans at this stage. best to sort things out when plans can be made with some certainty.

    As for holidays, there will be plenty I am sure. Must be a few Buddha days, then there will be a week or so for New Year and Songkran 2021 + the retiming of Songkran 2020 (which will likely interfere still further with school opening) Oh, and don't forget all the royal birth and anniversary days.Plus weekends.

    Might be worth the education authorities scrapping some of the irrelevant teaching, to allow more time for the subjects that really matter.:)
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    Heard today that my Uni is to start the next term at the original date still (1st June) and NOT a month latter like the schools.

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