Proposal to postpone school opening

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    My stepson will be in Year 5 at Sirindhorn Senior High, and has also been told that on-line teaching will commence on Monday. However, his understanding is that tomorrow's session is nothing more than a testing event (it is certainly testing us!) He's not the best at explaining such things though, even though his English marks are very high! I'm sure that we'll all be comparing notes tomorrow evening!
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    Most of the Directors of schools are siphoning off a good percentage of school funds into there own pockets. If that was stopped schools would adequate fundung. Things will never change.
    The children will always pay and miss out on there education.
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    Status Report:

    My youngest daughter, Year 6 AnubarnSurin, was as keen as mustard and started her new school year at 04.30 this morning. She had completed 3 of the 4 lesson plans before anyone else stirred from their slumbers. The lessons are posted on the Internet and the student works through them. It is only one-way communication and not interactive. This may become the model for her school with class sizes reduced in half, with half the students studying at home and half the class at school every other day.

    My eldest daughter, Year 3 Sirindhorn, started her new school year at 08.30 today with a fully interactive program called Google Meet. She gets to see and speak with her teacher and classmates. It seems to be working well. She has told me they are trialing a model of learning that may come into effect on 1st July. Her class of 40 is already divided into 2 halves of 20 each (and has been since Year 1). If all goes well, the intention is to give in-school lessons for 20 students per class every other day. The other 20 students will stay at home and have online, interactive lessons like today. So, it will be one day on and one day off to allow social distancing measures to be implemented in the school with half the usual number of students.

    Sounds like it could work.
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    With the possibility of schools and universties re-opening properly from Ist July, I just read of the possibility of the government giving everyone a belated Songkran holiday in July. Haven't most people had enough "holidays" especially the students? And those that are back at work, need the money, not more holidays! The government are just not in touch with reality !
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    Good point - but they have been denied is the opportunity for banal water throwing, localised violence, sexual assault (in the guise of daubing powder on girls faces..etc) and uncontrolled drinking and merry-making in large groups. Now...... what could possibly go wrong with that?
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    That should also get back-up to the appalling daily average statistics (63) for road deaths, that had been falling because of curfew & alcohol bans.

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