Roller Gate Lubrication


Surin relic
Our renovations are nearly finished and I am now the proud owner of Fort Knox. We have a large steel front gate on rollers and I can see problems arising eventually with the rolling system. Can anyone kindly recommend a lubrication product for the bottom wheels and the top rollers and where to buy it.IMG20221004152837.jpg


Same here. WD40 spray every couple of months or when the gate seems a bit hard to close. I give the track a spray as well to keep it from rusting up, especially after rainy season.


I use WD40 - available in all DIY stores.

P.S. Fort Wombat is looking very good. Great job.
WD 40 does the trick as, the bearings fitted to these bottom rollers are not 2RS sealed, not water proof.
If they get really bad, talk to your local gate Somchai about detting 2RS bearings fitted.
Next trick, if you can, is get the open cam followers on the fence replaced with nylon rollers--way quieter.


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