The Cabin on the Lake.

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    We returned from the jungle about 5pm and the change out in the field caught every with surprise.

    Steel girders are being used and the angle of the roof will let all the rain be collected and ran off into the pound aka Lake. The six support post are on solid ground and down about 18 inches and then concreted. More details at a latter date. Now where do I put the beer chest.:rolleyes::D As soon as the roof is completed our sparky will come back in and complete the power hookup then PEA will install the meter.

    20190701_165428.jpg 20190701_165531.jpg 20190701_165753.jpg

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    Careful, it'll fall in.
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    I do not thank so.. But..:rolleyes:;):D:D:D:D:D:D Back to planning where to put the ice chest and beer cooler.;;exciting;;;;exciting;;;;exciting;;;;bad simle;;
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    I thought a place for the ice chest and beer cooler would have been first on the planning list. Getting slow GL.
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    Long time no see. About time you showed your crusty on the forum.;;bad simle;;;;bad simle;;;;bad simle;;;;bad simle;;;;bad simle;;
  6. Cent


    Your wife is a very astute and industrious woman, GL. Good to see the progress she has made in the past few years with your CRU etc.
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    After many of trips to the PEA office in KC...SWMBO has as she calls it her neon meter. She now has power to her cabin and lake site. Top meter its hers and the bottom meter is for the Swine Flu project.

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