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    The 11 meter run of guttering along the eastern side of our house has been rusting away for the past year or more. I stopped one of these traveling gutter replacement men a couple of months ago and they wanted 300 baht/meter for the standard galvanised steel guttering. The stainless variety was more expensive at 500 - 600 baht/meter (I think). I asked about repairing a 3 meter section, cut out and replace, but it was pretty clear he was not interested. All or nothing. So, with a 3 meter down pipe (3oo baht/meter too) I would have to fork out for 14 meters @ 300 baht = 4,200 baht for the job (and the same old rubbish that rusted away in the first place).

    I did some research and looked at the PVC guttering available in IQ, HomePro and Thai Watsadu. In the end I settled on a range called Ezy, dark brown, PVC guttering from stocked by Thai Wasadu. The range is also available in white and blue although Thai Watsadu only stock the white and dark brown. The brown is a better choice of colour for our house. Total cost for a 11 meter run, 4 x 3 meter pieces of guttering plus mounting brackets, joining brackets, end caps, down pipe collector assy and premium quality plastic cement was around 3,000 baht. I was able to reuse my existing 2 1/2" blue PVC down pipe although I may need to paint it brown to match. One reason I choose this product above the others on the market was the availability of a galvanised steel grid leaf guard to go with the guttering.

    Day 1 - made good progress to remove a 5 meter section of the old guttering and down pipe and suss out how to fit the new guttering and brackets. Successfully installed a 3 meter section of guttering with an end cap.

    Day 2 - removed the remaining old guttering and fitted a 2 meter section with the downpipe collector assy. Trimmed to length and modified the fitting to attach the downpipe to the downpipe collector assy and the drain. Fitted the downpipe to the guttering.

    Day 3 - installed the remaining 6 meters of guttering.

    Working hours were 07.00 to 09.00 daily to take advantage of the cool working conditions.

    Now all I need is a good downpour so I can do a QC on the finished work.
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    PVC guttering was not locally available when I built so I used 1/4 slotted 150mm dia PVC drain pipe and had the brackets made to suit. Unfortunately it was bright blue and I had to have it painted brown which does not last.

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    Unfortunately you didn't know of my 30+ years experience with all types of gutters in the States when I had my remodeling business there, maybe could have been of some help to you. When we built our home in 2008, I was certainly not going to pay one of the locals to do our gutters at the high prices they wanted, so I did them myself.

    We have a hip roof, no gables, so gutters all around...I did standard galvanized gutters and PVC downspouts. It's now been 10 years and just starting to get a little sign of rust in places. I will probably do PVC gutters next time, when that time comes. Picture 372.jpg
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    Very smart Mario - a proper job too! We have a gabled house with guttering on the western side only. On the eastern side, the main roof discharges water to the secondary roof, a lean to on the side of the house, a covered storage area if you like. Its approximately 3 meters wide and 11 meters long. The main roof is tiled similar to your house. The lean to is corrugated roofing panels mounted on steel purlins.


    The outer purlin is not vertical, 90 degrees that is, and has about a 10 degree slope. The guttering I choose accommodates the 10 degree slope very well. I have mounted the gutter brackets direct to the purlin with self cutting/tapping screws. It works well. As and when I do the main roof and the car port I know I will have different problems to overcome. Not least, the fascias and how secure they are for mounting new brackets. I feel from what I have seen last year I will have to replace the fascias too. Not a problem for this coming rain season as they are still in good order. I think the guttering used on the main house and carport were superior quality to the guttering fitted to the lean to.


    Carport behind and main roof to the left.


    The reel of black thread was used to get my slope for the guttering from one end to the down pipe. Better bring it back indoors before my wife notices it is gone.


    Galvanised leaf guards, which due to space limitations, will be fashioned and fitted to the corrugated roof with self tapping screws. Photo above shows the prototype. My neighbours trees shed a lot of leaves each year and these block the guttering very quickly. The leaf guard should be an enormous help in preventing this problem.
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    Just installed at CRU.:rolleyes::D

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    I hope that is not your collecting system for fresh drinking water. LOL
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    Thats exactly what many people have in my village for drinking water. Only the more affluent buy bottles
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    In some cases filled with lager beer.

    [Edit: My wife actually buys bottled water. If we both drank lager beer the ฿ 800,000.00 would be history in 12 months!]
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    I am aware of that and the rusty tin roof might suggest all kinds of contaminants in the water supply.
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    But gee, I can't see how that could have affected anyone...........
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    Phase 2 of the gutter project was to waterproof the side fence/wall to make the area below the lean dry and more user friendly. When it rains my neighbour's broken and leave-clogged guttering causes a waterfall to fall from his high roof into my side of the wall. This in turn becomes a raging torrent flowing from the back to the front of the house. Ha! Ha! I now have the answer to stop this. I have now mounted poly carbonate sheets from the roof purlin and secured on the outside of my fence. Next time it rains the waterfall will be diverted away from my house and fall directly into my neighbour's yard. It's his water and he can keep it. And before you ask, I do get on quite well with my neighbour. I asked him if I could do some of the work on my gutters from his side of the property. No problem. I have also shown him a video of the waterfall cascading down a year or two back - it still has not been repaired.



    When finished it will make a big difference to the use of the area and stop the waterfall and raging torrent. Photo shows first panel in place this morning, 2 more to go.
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    Second panel installed, 4 mtr 80 cm run - that should close off the waterfall and make a nice dry area in the lean to. Maybe I will do one more panel later but first I have to finish the leaf guards over the gutters.

    upload_2019-1-9_2-52-41.png upload_2019-1-9_2-54-28.png
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    The other side ......................with leaf guards fitted.

    upload_2019-1-9_4-14-45.png upload_2019-1-9_4-16-22.png
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    I was going to say you need to get out more but ...
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    I quite like the look of the square profile of the Hoffen guttering available from Global House. They have a leaf guard available. Unlike @nomad97, I would not be fitting it myself

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    The biggest disadvantage I have found with vinyl gutters is that the amount of accessories needed to install the gutters makes the cost quite a bit higher. With metal gutters you don't need things like joint connectors, box mitres (both inside and outside), outlets, and various other items that add to cost.

    That, and the long-term effects of sunlight on PVC has always made me nervous about vinyl gutters. I do like the fact that they are 3 meters in length, versus the 2 meters I had to do some ten years ago on my house though...
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    That guttering system would look pretty good on the house you are renting Bandersnatch. It would not work so well with mine.


    Horses for courses.

    P.S. Where would you fit the guttering?
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    Just a rental, while I try to build my own. Still very much a work in progress.
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    Impressive Bandersnatch, very impressive. I now understand your passion for smart home technology. However, I did not see the reserved space on the plan for the Predator chair and computer system.


    Maybe its not very eco friendly and the power consumption is a tad too high.
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