Surin Weather 2022 - 2023

Strange weather over the last 24 hours. Yesterday morning was 'chilly' then it warmed up in the afternoon. Evening was back to chilly so much so that we put the quilt on the bed. Half way through the night I threw the quilt off - too hot. Then woke at 05:00 and put the quilt back on. After getting up I had to put jacket and scarf on to sit outside. A bit wutherin' also.
Don't worry the cooler weather is on the way. The first of the summer storms is due to hit tomorrow and the day after.

My wife informed me this afternoon that a local guy in the village has been hospitalised following a disco.

What with her pronunciation and my semi deafness it took a while to determine that he'd suffered "heat stroke"!
Yes. About 20 minutes around 05:15.

Why is your wife up and about at 05:00? It's lucky if my wife arises before 08:00.
My wife has very good hearing. She can hear a feather drop. The rain woke her up. I did not hear a thing.